November hosts the Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne each year. I was fortunate enough to be in Melbourne (my hometown) in November for my best friends wedding which also happened to be the same week as the Melbourne Cup. So lucky for me, I was able to attend both!

If you have never experienced the Melbourne Cup before it is quite different from any other racing experience I have seen. Not that I am a regular at horse racing events, but I have been to a few. Melbourne however puts a HUGE focus on the Spring Racing Carnival. We even have a public holiday which always falls on a Tuesday for the race day itself. Yep, that’s the good ole aussies for ya.

The city somewhat goes into lockdown and everyone gears up for the race. The shops fill the window displays with race carnival dresses and hats. Girls plan their outfits weeks ahead. Never knowing whether it will be a 40 degree day or raining (in our case it was cold but not wet thankfully). If you’re not attending the race, you will likely be at a mates house having a bbq, putting money in for a sweep stakes and watching the race on tv.

What I like most about it, apart from the champagne and betting a few dollars on a horse here and there. Is the FASHION. Australian fashion is very different from UK fashion. So I love to see what people are wearing.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to get a hat for the day and in Melbourne we love to wear black!


Dress @Thurley

Belt @Gucci

Bag Similar Here @Chloe