Still Mykonos Dreaming,

It wasn’t that long ago I was in Mykonos and I am still dreaming about blue skies, sunsets and that sun kissed feeling. The Greek islands are so beautiful and I love being surrounded by ocean and living the island life. The Greek locals are very friendly and the food I am obsessed with. I would choose to live on a Mediterranean diet any day of the week. Greek salad, endless amounts of seafood and fried cheese yes please!

Maybe I’m giving you too much holiday spam but I can’t get over how breathtaking this view was. I could literally sit and stare out to sea all day and let the world of worries disappear behind me.


I thought I would also write about this outfit as I am obsessed with summer clothes. Being Australian I have plenty of them too, however living in London doesn’t always give me the chance to wear them.

I love this top, I bought it in LA from a cute boutique on Abbott Kinney. I decided to change the shorts I was wearing earlier and put on a maxi skirt for dinner. For some reason, I am not much of a dress person, but I always wear maxi skirts on summer holidays. I love wearing something floaty when it’s hot when you are by the sea. I also love to accessorise with gold fine jewellery or a pair of statement earrings.

A xx

Top by @andotherstories

Shorts by @afend

Skirt by @zara

Sunglasses by @baileynelson

Bag by @Balenciaga