I was SO excited for this trip! Not only had I spent an amazing week with my Sister in LA. We were now heading out to Palm Springs for Coachella. Going to Coachella is something you dream about. Living in London, we knew some foresight and forward planning would have to go into scoring tickets if we were going to be able to pull this off.  We planned this trip well in advance and managed to get 11 tickets to Coachella for weekend one!!!


We always knew traffic would be a little chaotic when leaving West Hollywood for Coachella. You really need to triple the travel time.  We left at about midday on the Thursday for our house in Palm Springs and we still hit traffic at around 3pm. What is usually only a two hour drive ended up being a 4.5 hour drive. We had a good play list and stopped for burgers so we didn’t mind. But leave earlier if you can.


The MUST HAVE road stop.  You will want to be stopping at In-N-Out Burger on your way through to Palm Springs from LA. The burgers are SO good and you will see people queuing for their burgers already in their Coachella outfits. It’s definitely THE place to stop. There is no building to go inside and order. It’s literally a small shop front on the side of the road. You’ll eat your burgers outside or take them to go. This was necessary fuel for us to keep going on the road.


The build-up and excitement of day one had arrived!!! We actually organised Coachella for my best friends hen do (She is from Austin originally so lots of friends from the US were joining us. We knew she would love it and also for selfish reasons we really wanted to go to the festival ourselves!). I have to say everything about the festival and Palm Springs did not disappoint.

After months of outfitting planning – which in my opinion is the most crucial part of attending Coachella. The ten of us were packed into a mini bus which we had hired + driver for the festival (this was key) and we were on our way to Coachella day one!


Staying in Palm Springs meant it was a one hour drive to the festival. We rented a house for the four nights in Palm Springs which had a pool, huge living space and enough room for 12 people.

Day two was THE best day. We had done a bit of ground work at the festival the previous day so we knew what to expect. Beyonce was also set to play which we were all really excited about. We started our day attending the AMEX party at The Parker Hotel in Palm Springs before making our way to Coachella in the afternoon. I also LOVED my outfit the most on DAY TWO.


Our last day at the festival was just as good as the other two days. It being a Sunday, for some reason, felt like the busiest day. It was a little more over cast and the wind had picked up, so bandanas were an essential thing to have packed (you don’t want to be inhaling the sand). When you have 300,000 people all walking around in the desert the dirt/sand gets really churned up.


We left Monday morning and drove our way back to San Diego – making a pit stop for one final Margherita (my fav drink ever) and one last dip in a pool surrounded by palm trees and desert hills. It was the perfect girls trip. The music was very commercial which I loved (some may not) but it also had a good mix of bands and DJ’s. It is also definitely a festival for LA’s finest –  to dress up and to be seen.

I had the best time and would definitely go back!



Pack – bandana, hand sanitiser (for the loos), tissues, sunglasses, cover-up as the evening can get a bit cooler. Also don’t forget your ID.

I wore – High waisted denim shorts, tanks or crop tops with a pair of army boots and a lace cover up or denim shirt over the top.